About Us

Welcome to GemTrust.io

 Our team consists of young and passionate women who would like to aid the gems and jewelry markets within the bustling city of Bangkok that had found difficulties in trading gems and jewelry like never before since the outbreak of COVID-19. 

In order to do that, we need to aid sellers and customers to connect and trade more conveniently and safely. Therefore we decided to establish this E-commerce platform ‘GemTrust.io’ which is a one-stop portal to some of the most desirable gemstones in the world.

GemTrust would not only contribute to the vendor business but also to Thailand’s market.

      What makes GemTrust.io unique you may ask? 
Working closely with our network of Thai vendors, we are in a unique position to offer some of the finest gems in the world for the best value. We are confident that few places can offer the knowledge, experience, and guidance (not to mention an incredible variety of beautiful gems!) that GemTrust.io has to share with you.

Our Slogan

"We bond, we trade, and we grow together."

What do we stand for?

           The four letters “T I L E” stand for “Trust, Integrity, Love, and Embracing”. These represent the tenets that we have upheld as the four “pillars” of our business.

T stands for “Trust”.

          We know we have to “earn” your trust by “doing it right”. GemTrust.io ensures you that we will work hard to create and maintain an unrivaled E-commerce platform for both sellers and customers because we know that a meaningful bond is built upon “Trust”.
          GemTrust.io is not just another sales platform but a powerful gem portal that aims to grow exponentially—so don’t hesitate to sell buy and trade gems through GemTrust.io and explore the world market!


I stands for “Integrity”.

          GemTrust.io guarantee that we will bring you gems with the utmost value. We have experienced gemologists and experts selecting gems from literally thousands of parcels and single pieces that truly stand out. Not every stone can make it to the GemTrust.io list—but only the best. Our commitment to quality will never be compromised.
        Our shipping methods—especially for high-value items—are assured to reach you faster and safer by UPS. If you are worried about transactions, they are done through reliable and secured payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe so you can rest assured.   

L stands for “Love”.

Gems and Jewelry have always been a symbol of love and adoration. We intend to be like them and convey love and care to you. Since service plays an important role, we work hard each day to improve and ensure that our service is full of consideration and that every delivery is fast and reliable.

Our gemologists and salespersons are always there for you in case you want to know more about a certain gem that interests you or how to order. As for our vendors, our vendor support team is on standby in case of any inquiries.
           We look towards staying in touch with you so that you can advise on how to make our service better.

E stands for “Embracing”.

     GemTrust.io welcomes, encourages, and embraces small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the gem and jewelry market. We are digitalizing these precious gems and jewelry for this E-commerce platform, especially for SMEs which is made by people for people to help make buying and selling easy and convenient anywhere and anytime!
     We know great support is crucial, so we’d like to embrace the difficulties with you and give you a helping hand. If you ever feel that we are not adhering to our Philosophy, kindly let us know we are always open to your feedback and suggestions and we will do what we can to accommodate your request. Send us your feedback at gemtrustofficial@gmail.com



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